Family of Herbert Wardill and Alice Smith

Herbert Wardill (1876 - 1957), son of Francis Wardill and Hannah Walters, married Alice Smith (1880 - 1921) on 22 May 1899. After Alice died we believe Herbert married Alice Trowhill (1887 - 1981) though there were no children from that union - though Alice Trowhill had three children of her own including son Herbert Trowhill (1923 - 1972)

Children from Herberts marriage to Alice Smith as follows

Florence Mary 1900 Bridlington
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Charles Herbert 1901 Bridlington 1970
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Leonard 1905 Bridlington
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Olive 1908 Bridlington
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Bernard 1918 2 March 1919
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We understand Olive married and had a daughter who in turn had three children

Laurence married Marjorie. They had three children.

Albert married and had two boys.

Herbert Wardill is listed in Kelly's Directory for Bridlington as a House Decorator. In addition he was a picture painter and the following are attributed to him


Lake Hotel, Killarney. Painted in 1906 and Old Cottage at Killarney. Painted in 1906.

Cobles at Flamborough. Painted in 1915.
This is now with the Sewerby Hall, Bridlington.
Cobles are small boats used for inshore fishing
operating from harbours and beaches. Larger
fishing boats might carry a coble aboard for line fishing.


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