Family of Dowsland Wardill and Elizabeth (nee Wilson)

Dowsland Wardill (1808 - 1874), the third son of John Wardill (1773 - 1833) and Elizabeth (nee Dowsland 1773 - 1847) they lived all their lives in Bridlington/Bridlington Quay. Dowsland was in partnership with his brother Jonathan as a Cabinet maker and Auctioneer, they seem to have owned a number of properties in the Bridlington area. Dowsland married Elizabeth Wilson (b Nov 8 1815, d Sept 25 1873) on November 27 1844 in Bridlington). Dowsland's name is clearly from his mothers maden name, sometimes it is spelt Dousland. They had five children.




Maria December 28 1845 Bridlington
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Jane June 4 1848 Bridlington Quay
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Dowsland 1849 Bridlington Quay
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Charles September 20 1845 Bridlington Quay
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Ronald Henry 1857 Bridlington Quay
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