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 In the picture Elizabeth Wardill (Nee Dowsland 1775 - 1847) is the lady sitting left with eight of her family of nine children. One of her children, John, emigrated to Canada and is not in the picture. Elizabeth Dowsland married John Wardill (1773 - 1833) on June 10 1801 in the Parish Church Lythe near Whitby. They settled in Bridlington Yorkshire where all their children were born.

Donald B Dagley has carefully researched the origin of the picture and much of the detail in this web-site is to his credit. Donald was very much a Wardill, his Grandparents were both Wardills, Ann (daughter of Michael in the picture) and Thomas Jordan Wardill her second cousin. The picture was painted by Michael, who inserted himself (second from the right) on the canvas. For more details of the family picture Click Here. The picture is still in the family and owned by a descendant of Michael

Elizabeth's husband John Wardill was the eldest son of Jonathan Wardill (1745-1803) and Elizabeth (nee Petty 1747-1835). He may have been named after his grandfather John Wardil, who died in the year John was born, 1773 and is the oldest ancestor we have traced. These families lived in Goathland Yorkshire and it is believed that nearly all present day Wardill's are descended from this family. At least one family story is that the family originated in Scotland and moved Yorkshire changing their name - one can only speculate as to why - to Wardill (spelt with an "i"and perhaps initially only one "L") as a created name and that this is common to all their descendants. The children of Elizabeth and John (as in the painting except John in Canada) were:-

Ann 19 March 1802 Abt 1860
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Elizabeth 5 August 1803 Abt. 1870
Jonathan 31 October 1804 August 31 1858      Bridlington
John 7 April 1807 Abt 1880                 Possibly in Canada
Dowsland 19 August 1808 April 4 1847             Bridlington Quay
James 4 April 1810 Abt 1885                Possibly in Canada
Michael 27 December 1811 October 28 1880    Bridlington Quay
Joseph 28 February 1814 January 17 1885     Ilford Essex
William 23 September 1817 Abt 1887                 Luton Bedfordshire

In this website individual pages are used for each family group with links to directly related families. To start with Jon Wardil the oldest known family member (died 1773) Click Here. There are some notes on the family name and broad history Click Here

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This web site has been put together by Roger, Grandson of Emily Musk Wardill (b1885) and Diane, Granddaughter of Francis Laurence Wardill (b1896). We have more family history available if you would like to contact us. We would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of Donald Dagley who has spent a lifetime researching the family history and without who's help this genealogy would not be so complete. It is our policy not to include living relatives to protect their privacy. Any corrections or additions would be helpful. We have done our best to get the details right though cannot guarantee it. We would be very pleased to hear from you and any of our relations so please do contact us or leave a note on the guestbook.

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